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1st EU aluminium bike frames industrial production rolling out with CERAMIFOR furnaces


CERAMIFOR has installed a Heat Treatment Line, which integrates a worldwide pioneer production.

The project developed by Triangle's - Cycling Equipments SA., is designed for an annual production of half a million aluminum bicycle frames, which represents a real technological challenge in this industry.

This scale of industrial production, unique in Europe, will start to produce in 2017 and will be in full production mode by May 2018.

The line is composed of a fast-firing, drop bottom furnace with 15m³ capacity and equipped with a transfer car, to move the load and the 20,000 liters cooling tank.

All technical design, materials, insulation quality and applied technology have been carefully studied to meet the demands of this operation, with particular attention to the treatment requirements and the light alloy specific characteristics, always attending to the maximum energy efficiency and equipment performance, CERAMIFOR quality standards.

The preventive control needs of the entire operation have also been taken into account and will be ensured by a flexible and advanced control system, fully developed and customized by CERAMIFOR, to command, supervise and optimize the treatment process.

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