Kilns up to 1700°C, fixed base, with kiln cars or Elevator / Top hat.

Tailored solutions studied for products with rigorous requirements considering temperature and atmosphere control, often with very slow cycles, where the control accuracy has a strong impact on the final product quality.

In gas kilns, hot air recovery systems can increase efficiency with significant fuel savings. These systems include equipment and components that allow – from the exhaust gases – heating of the combustion air (clean air) up to the maximum temperature of 400ºC on burners inlet.

Optional post-combustion system to consider when the exhaust flue gases need to be treated.

Examples from our Portfolio

Technical ceramics: Shuttle kiln 8m³ 1400°C

Technical ceramics: Shuttle kiln 4m³ 1400°C

Insulators: Shuttle kiln 57m³ 1300°C

Technical ceramics: Shuttle kiln 1m³ 1700°C

Technical ceramics: Shuttle kiln 20m³ 1600°C

Technical ceramics: Shuttle kiln 1,5m³ 1500°C

Insulators: Shuttle kiln 15m³ 1320°C

Refractories: Shuttle kiln 18m³ 1400°C

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