Kilns for temperature up to 1420°C.

Standard models for tableware, decoration, giftware and others.

Tailored solutions studied according to clients needs and requirements, taking into account the type and size of the loads, exhaust system, firing curves and atmospheres.

Efficiency on temperature, pressure and atmosphere control to meet the highest quality standards of our clients. The use of automatic air/gas ratio systems on gas kilns allows a more efficient control on the atmosphere, with the option of adding equipment for continuous O2 e CO monitoring and analysis.

Examples from our Portfolio

Porcelain: Shuttle kiln 15m³ 1400°C

Porcelain: Tunnel kilns 56m 1400°C

Porcelain: Shuttle kiln 6m³ 1400°C

Porcelain: Shuttl kiln 3x10m³ 1300°C

Porcelain: Tunnel kiln 64m 1400°C

Porcelain: Tunnel kiln 30m 1200°C

Porcelain: Shuttle kiln 8m³ 1400°C

Porcelain: Shuttle kiln 11m³ 1200°C

Stoneware: Shuttle kiln 19m³ 1300°C

Stoneware: Tunnel kiln 65m 1100°C

Earthenware: Tunnel kiln 40m 1300°C

Stoneware: Shuttle kilns 3x56m³ 1320°C

Earthenware and Stoneware: Roller kiln 20m 1200°C

Stoneware: Tunnel kiln 70m 1200°C

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