Kilns up to 1700°C, fixed base, with kiln cars or Elevator / Top hat.

Products with rigorous requirements on temperature and atmosphere controls, using longer and controlled firing cycles, especially to free the several binder components.

In gas kilns, hot air recovery systems can increase efficiency with significant fuel savings. These systems include equipment and components that allow – from the exhaust gases – heating of the combustion air (clean air) up to the maximum temperature of 400ºC on burners inlet.

These kilns, using mainly gas, are normally equipped with post-combustion chamber working up to the temperature of 800ºC. This equipment allows burning the several compounds in the exhaust flue gases, in accordance with the environmental standards.

Examples from our Portfolio

Top Hat kiln 7,7m³ 1300°C

Shuttle kiln 9m³ 1300°C

Top Hat kiln 7,7m³ 1300°C

Top Hat kiln 7,7m³ 1300°C

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